Sandy, Diana and Dave

Second Front has many years of experience playing for barn dances / English ceilidhs in South East England. Our working area is roughly anywhere within 45 minutes drive of Guildford / Farnham, covering middle and west Surrey and adjacent parts of Hampshire, Berkshire and West Sussex.

Our sound is rich, lively, rhythmic and musical, with a broad range of tunes and influences. Our caller’s main aim is to make the dancing enjoyable for everyone, from beginnners up. We do a mix of reels, jigs and polkas, and the occasional hornpipe and waltz. Also, having a Scottish band leader we are always happy to include some Scottish ceilidh favourites (even have a full Scottish ceilidh).

Typical events we play for include birthday, anniversary and other parties; weddings; social and/or fund raising events for groups such as school PTAs, sports clubs, charity fund-raising, morris dance sides, etc.

If you would like to get an impression of how it all sounds and looks then our Demo Video on YouTube is a useful starting point. For more information and detail see our Dancing and Music pages.

At any stage of your planning, please feel free to contact band leader Sandy Flett about availability and fee, or just to look at options. It helps if you can provide: date and location of your event, what the event is celebrating or in aid of, the type of venue, likely timings and an estimate of number ofguests. You can be assured of a friendly and professional response:

Email: sandy@secondfront.co.uk

Telephone: 01252 782003

Mobile: 07817 414 016

Second Front and regular caller Bridget