The Music


Second Front’s three musicians use the following instruments: accordion with midi bass, violin and acoustic and electric guitars. The band’s aim is to provide a lively, rhythmic and musical sound that gives a real lift to the dancing. Many of the tunes come from the great English ceilidh bands, from the 70s to today, and others from Scottish and Irish sources, and a bit of Canadian, French and American. During each dance the band develops the sound through harmonies, improvisation, swing and syncopation. The following sound clips (they may take a moment to load) give a flavour of our different styles, sounds, tunes and rhythms (you can also see/hear us on the Demo Video):

Lively reel:


Lively jig:


Cheery polka – our typical sign-off tune:


Scottish reel – Drunken Piper:


Swinging hornpipes:


Strip the Willow: