What about structure and timings for the ceilidh/barn dance?

A typical ceilidh/barn dance would involve around 2-3 hours of dancing (with a break) typically between 8:00pm and 11:00/11:30pm. Earlier starts and finishes are not usually a problem, but we would need to discuss if you wanted us to play longer or later.

What is the process for booking Second Front?

Should you decide to book Second Front, then in response to your confirming email or phonecall we will email you a copy of our Agreement Form, containing the information we have so far; we request that you check this and fill in the remaining details, then email the completed form back. We will make any final minor, clarifying annotations, counter-sign and email you a scanned copy as a record of the committment made on both sides. We have phased out taking a deposit to reduce the amount of admin involved.

What size of dance area is required?

As a baseline, we find you can get up to 50 people comfortably on a dance area of 5m x 9m – so, for example, you need twice that area if expecting 100 people to be dancing at one time.


What are the band’s playing area requirements?

As a guide, the band can perform comfortably in an area of 2m2 per band member and caller – thus, an area of 2m deep by 8m wide for the 3-piece band + caller (but we can manage in less). A bit of height above the dance floor helps the caller to see more of the dancers and gives the band more “presence”, so we would always wish to use a stage if available; otherwise some staging blocks are always much appreciated, but not a problem if not readily available.

What geographic area do you cover?

The band’s working area is centred around the Guildford / Farnham area of west Surrey and extends to roughly 45 minutes driving from there. This covers the western half of Surrey (either side of the M25), and takes us well into adjacent parts of west Hampshire (Hants), West Sussex and Berkshire (Berks). Travel beyond this area is potentially possible, but we would wish to judge each such case individually. At the bottom of our Home page there is a small-print list of the towns and villages we have played in over the years, and also phone and post codes of “our area”.